Buying Essential Oils

Essential oils seem to be growing in popularity these past few years, and many companies sell them. One would think that buying essential oils should be fairly simple, but there is actually a LOT to unpack regarding them.

First off, I want to note to NEVER trust the big companies that have to over promote themselves. This always seems fishy to me, but I admit I ALMOST got sucked in by Young Living. They make themselves seem SO GOOD. They are promoted on a LOT of health blogs. But I did some digging and I found that all those companies are scams. The essential oils are mediocre but premium prices. In my opinion, you should never have to pay too much for any healthy living options. You just have to know where to look. Now, I am sure these type of companies aren’t terrible, but they aren’t as good as they seem. And any company that needs to stretch the truth to get my business in health, isn’t a company I can trust.

From what I can tell, small companies are the best. Even the stuff you can get at your local health store is not guaranteed to be the kind of product you want. When it comes down to it, I am sure any essential oil would do. The problem is; if it is not pure you have no idea what it’s been mixed with and that’s just no good. Plus you’ll have to use more and it won’t last as long. So far, my favourite places to get essential oils are “Fabulous Frannie” and “Eden’s Garden”. I also ordered a fair amount from Saffire Blue. The jury is still out on that one (anyone with input feel free to comment!) but I asked and they told me they were pure. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean as such but I feel the is a fairly trust-worthy company. I was unsure if they seemed pure but I also got a few I have never used before. Some of the oils seemed great while others seemed iffy.

I have also gotten mixed reviews of Now! Foods. It seems like the costs are low because of their wide expanse on the market and their strive to make it as such. However, people have mentioned that some of the essential oils are in fact diluted, but as far as I know it is just something you have to watch for. Look at the ingredients and reviews. I have not tried their oils but the other products seem to be one of the only ones on the shelves that have NO questionable ingredients which is very refreshing.

One way I have learned to test purity is to simply place a drop on a tissue. If it separates (if you see a lighter ring form) then it is probably diluted. Of course you can’t find this out in the store, but once you know you can avoid the products in the future.

Any products you have that you are unsure about can probably be used for cleaning and aromatherapy. If you are using them topically it is probably smart to make sure you know what you are using or to stay away from the product.


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