Detox baths

I have been battling with a nasty infection for quite some time. It’s led me to lose some faith in the medical system.  The doctors threw seemingly random at times drugs at it  to appease me and just kept reminding me to not pick and it would go away. Well here I am about two years later still dealing with it. I started off by switching to what I thought were natural products like Live Clean, Lush and Simple. While these products are good in some ways, they still aren’t ideal especially for what you pay sometimes. Once I found the right stuff and learned what natural products really were, things started to look up.

One of the best things I have discovered are detox baths. They are good for anyone and anything. Even if you have perfect skin a detox bath from time to time can benefit you. They reduce stress, promote healing, ease aches and pains, rejuvenate the skin and probably much more. These are helping my body get rid of my infection and eases the pain.

There are many recipes out there for detox baths, mine consists of ingredients i always have on hand now and the ingredients i thought were most beneficial. My bath is usually as follows: Bentonite clay mask all over my body or 1-2 cups dissolved in the water, 1-2 cups Epsom salts, 1/2-1 cup baking soda, a little chunk of African Black Soap for cleansing, 10 drops essential oil (I like tea tree and peppermint) and recently I have been using bath teas from Three Cats and a Broom on Etsy. I found the tea seems to make the bath less harsh, my skin seems more nourished afterwards. Apparently you can use regular tea too but I haven’t researched it. If you usually have herbs you can make your own blend for the bath.

Things to note:

There is much debate on how bad clay is for your pipes. To be safe I just got a steel drain filter from Dollarama and bent the screen up so it would fit. If you wanna pay more there are drain filters specifically for showers and tubs probably at Canadian Tire or something like that. Amazon has some too.

To continue the detox wrap yourself in a towel immediately after and relax.

I try to lay down for ten minutes or more after, hopefully til my body temperature goes back to normal. This ensures your body can rest because the detox is hard on your body and you are supposed to make it as hot as you can stand. I find if I do this I do not feel tired afterwards and can do it any time of the day.

Drink water before and after. Keep a glass near the bath and have some if you feel weakness coming on.


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