Drawing and Healing Salves

As I will probably detail later, I have been struggling with a bad infection that the doctors could not identify. When I got tests, they found staph on my face but not the other spot they tested, so who knows. Antibiotics did little but keep it at bay untill they were out of my system and none of the recommended creams did anything. Salves have been wonderful to help me continue drawing out the infection after I take detox baths and whenever it starts to hurt too much. Healing salves and balms are also great for dry, winter skin. When I got home today my hands were so irritated, I put on some of my Three cats and a Broom salve and the redness is gone and they feel much better.

There are many types of salves out there and all the ones I have tried so far seem great to me. The infection I have was left untreated for so long it’s basically over my entire body so I bought a few to try. They help soothe and promote proper healing while speeding up the process. They are said to work for drawing out many things from stubborn acne to more serious ailments. Another thing I will be keen to try (if it happens) is drawing out glass or splinters. That kind of stuff can be awful to get out and I don’t like the idea of leaving anything like that in my skin if I can help it.

Black drawing salve is one of the most powerful formulas. You can make a similar formula at home (link to a good recipe here: http://wellnessmama.com/8364/black-drawing-salve-recipe/) but one of the best ingredients is ichthammol which was a popular herbal remedy for a while. I suspect it’s less on the market now because the big pharma can make more off of man-made crap that is half as effective. It goes by a few names and I’ll admit I didn’t do too much research on this one, just kept seeing it was amazing so I did a search and the best place to get it seemed to be ebay.

The brand I opted for was Prid because it was the easiest I could find and only had one bad ingredient. It is kind of a biggie so use at your discretion but it really does seem to work. All the other salves I have are just fine as well but this one seems to draw out more intensely. That’s probably not always what you want but it’s good for me right now. It’s also very thick and sticky which is kind of a pain, but things that work well aren’t usually pretty. I like how thick it is because it stays on the skin for a while and does its work. I would recommend using this for a period of healing but not for weeks on end or anything like that.

I did a lot of searching on Etsy when I wanted to find some good skin products that I wouldn’t be able to make myself and also came across a shop that sells a fully natural drawing and healing salve. Link to their shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThumbprintEmporia?ref=l2-shopheader-name. I like this for daytime use because the Prid stuff is heavy for using all the time. It works nearly as effectively though but it is not as thick. It seems to be a bit gentler, a bit slower of a draw out but is probably better for extended use. It smells a LOT more pleasant as well so it’s almost aromatherapeutic as well. They were also kind enough to send me a mixture of their antiseptic and healing salve which is nice for soothing my wounds in between draw outs.

I also have a healing salve from this shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThreeCatsAndABroom. I was stoked when I came across this shop as it is Canadian and she must practice some form of witchcraft or Wicca so that’s appealing to me. I digress. The salve is very nice not too thick or thin and smells wonderful, if you enjoy a nature-y kind of smell. I’ll admit, I did not like the smell of tea tree for the longest time and thought the smell mixed with lavender was foul. Since using this salve I have fully warmed up to the smell and quite enjoy it. I use this one to soothe as well; I end up using these at least three times a day especially if I am at home and they really seem to help.

So thank you to the lovely shops I purchased these items from and I hope other people will check it out too! I am started to stray away from the commercial beauty industry as much as possible since I got over my fear of trying stuff on etsy. It can be trial and error but so are beauty products from a store and it is much harder to find truly natural AND quality products. Natural stuff doesn’t suck, people just need to realize that pharmacies aren’t trying to promote it, because it isn’t good for their business.


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