A note on pure and organic

To be a naturalist takes hella work. I have been learning this slowly and with difficulty. Just because a label SAYS natural, it bears no guarantee. If it’s from WalMart my guess is it is not. Before you buy anything that you want to be pure do your research. Most pure substances look weird or gross, but that’s how they should be.

Now, why does this matter? This is important to note because I blindly looked for pure, organic, natural without really knowing why it was important. It is important because this means it is unrefined. What does this mean? It means nothing has been taken away. If a substance is refined it’s highly likely what was good for you is gone, so you lose all the value and should NOT pay top dollar for this. It is hard to find proper information. I was using grocery store coconut butter until I realized it wasn’t pure and not giving my skin all the benefits.

Products that I have discovered the differences in:

Coconut oil: If it doesn’t smell like coconut that is your first sign. It should have an almost nauseating coconut scent lol. Refined is fine (imho) for cooking because that taste is not always what you want. It should also not be too chunky. The natural stuff has some chunks (you know how that stuff is) but is smoother somehow.

Cocoa butter: Smells better than cocoa. Smells like heaven. If it doesn’t it’s not pure haha. It’s also not a cream, contrary to popular belief. It comes in chunks that you warm up in your hands or boil down into your own butter. I wouldn’t buy cocoa butter in cream form because it’s a lie and much more expensive.

Apple cider vinegar: Should always contain ‘the mother’. This is a gross looking spider web sort of substance. Also, is a richer colour than the kinds from the grocery store.

Essential oils: Should never smell fake or like candy. If you place a drop on a tissue and you see a ring it is because it is diluted and the two liquids are separating.

Cocoa: Should be rich and fairly dark.

Get to know your favorite products. This is the best way to figure out quality. If you can, go to a trusted source.


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