Ten beauty truths I wish I knew when I was younger.

1. Beauty products are not supposed to burn. The sting is not “cleansing” it means the product is off. A good product will soothe and help you.

2. Toner should not contain alcohol. Very irritating and does not help acne. Rose and lavender are wonderful for soothing.

3. Alo vera plant is easy to grow and is great for many things. I like it for frizzy hair, burns, cuts, acne, and you can consume it, though I’ve never looked into how.

4. Try your best to look at labels. If an ingredient looks weird, it probably is. Most of the time it doesn’t cost much more to get a hypoallergenic or just natural product.

5. The beauty industry is not geared towards your needs. It is made to exacerbate your problems so you have to buy more. Example: Today, I forgot to bring a natural cream and I had to put this perfumey stuff on my face. I was back in high school: dry&irritated skin, looking greasy and dried out at the same time. As soon as I washed my face and put on good lotion and balm I felt and looked so much better.

6. If you are easily irritated “down there” try 100% cotton underwear.

7. You don’t have to wash your hair every day. It makes your hair work harder. Some people wash their hair once a week.

8. Perfume is full of chemicals. There are natural options.

9. Use natural deodorant (this doesn’t have to be that rock stuff you see in department stores and you probably can’t get it there either). You will notice a difference.

10. Tampons and pads have no regulations around them besides absorbency. Not sure how many alternatives there were back then, but now you can choose between natural cotton, reusable pads and reusable tampon alternatives. A lot of irritation when you’re on your period is caused by your products. PROOF: One night I was in so much pain and discomfort I was ready to burst into tears. This was before I knew much about the alternatives but I did have some 100% cotton liners I picked up on a whim. Instant relief. It was actually frightening.


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