Some healthy and unhealthy ingredient replacements

I have more faith in my followers than to assume anyone needs to be told this, but when I am researching recipes I always see people asking questions that seem obvious to me like substitutions, even for thing like chocolate chips! I assure you, your muffins will not explode if you use blueberries instead of chocolate chips. It’s fine to make substitutions using your judgement.

I alter recipes all the time for what I have on hand or if I want it to be healthier. Try some of these!

Carob chips: I like to use half and half, my boyfriend doesn’t even notice!

Flax: Use flax eggs or just add some flax in for all the benefits!

Other egg replacements: Banana, 1/4 cup applesauce, or refer to this site:

Quinoa: I have started to add this to my muffins, so far I have had no problems. I usually just add a bit more milk.

Soy milk: I do this all the time because you really can’t tell the difference and I think it’s much better to not have dairy in the morning.

Coconut milk: likewise.

Evaporated milk: I like to use this as an ‘in between’ taste as per milk and cream. I find it’s a bit richer but cheaper than cream and easy to keep on hand.

Brown sugar: I like to do half and half because sometimes using all brown sugar can change the consistency. I’ll also do half coconut sugar sometimes (it’s expensive!).

Coffee: When I’m doing chocolate recipes sometimes I do half cooled coffee or all. It’s makes it taste richer and I often half half a cup or so of unclaimed coffee. Sometimes me or my boyfriend’s eye’s will be bigger than our stomachs.

Coconut oil: I haven’t ever had a problem using this in place of butter.


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