Vitamin B12

I noticed I still had a bottle of vitamin B complex I picked up at the dollar store that said to help with immune function. I looked it up to see if this was a vitamin I needed, most of them aren’t necessary. What I found was very intriguing. I don’t have the sources but if you do a quick google search you’ll find the sites I looked at.

The information I looked at indicated that a lot of people have a B12 deficiency as doctors don’t usually test for it, and if they do, what is considered a “normal” level isn’t necessarily right for you. A deficiency in this can mimic other illnesses such as depression because you will have a lack of energy and feel sluggish. I am going to start trying to get my levels up because I would not be surprised if I have this.

This is really important information for vegans and veggies as there is no other way to get it than from meat. And even that is iffy because our food is less and less nutrients all the time. There will be a rant about GMOs coming.

So, how does one get more of this magical vitamin? Well you can take vitamins, but you must remember to get a reputable brand. You can also start adding Spirulina to your diet.

Spirulina really interests me because it has several benefits and one is that it is the best green powder you can get. I had been looking into getting some sort of greens powder to get more of the nutrients leafy greens offer into my life. Spirulina seems ideal but something you have to be extremely careful with.

While researching brands I came across a review of the NOW brand’s power and how it used to be good quality but they changed their source from Florida (I believe) to India. Spirulina sourced outside of the states is less regulated and not pure. This has more risks than just palate. Allegedly, it should be a deep green colour and have a more earthy taste. And while many describe it as ‘swamp water’ it is a taste you can get used to. If it tastes completely foul it is probably not of quality. Don’t use it because it will be contaminated and lack all the benefits of good Spirulina.

I plan to go more in depth on this when I learn more and start taking Spirulina. I’m still trying to find a good brand here in Canada and preferably the powder instead of capsules that won’t completely break the bank. Any suggestions for me??

Have a blessed day y’all 😏


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