It’s time to go there. The highly debated use of GMO’s in our food. I honestly really didn’t think about what a GMO was. I knew what it was, scientifically. It didn’t seem so bad. I knew that it stood for Genetically Modified Organism and that it was modifying a spcies DNA to make a new breed. That’s about all I knew and I didn’t really realize it was something I had to think about. I didn’t really realize they had taken over our food.

I think everything you need to know is as simple as watching one documentary: GMO OMG. This is made by a parent who cares about his family and wanted to share what he learned with as many people as possible. He has nothing to gain from exposing this information. And it seems really well researched. After watching it, my opinion on GMOs was definitely set in the negative.

The important things I have learned:

-A lot of ingredients in our food isn’t even recognized as nutrition by our body

-It is a myth propagated by the leading seed company that GMO’s are necessary. They may be, now. This is only because of what has happened to our environment at the hand of greedy humans. The damage done is twofold;

The natural variety in species is to ensure plants take care of each other and are able to stave away pests and keep growing strong. Diversity is being destroyed because the major seed company wants the farmers to buy from them exclusively and constantly, so seed saving is not permitted.

The other reason we may need more food is because of our society growing more and more into a consumer driven society and a spoiled society. People do not even realize how wasteful they have become and how picky they have become. There is a lot of food wasted every day because it is not aesthetically appealing to us. People eat when they are bored. They eat when they socialize. People eat a lot of filler, so they eat more. People eat out and eat a lot of empty carbs and calories, and then eat more. Meat is a symbol of manliness, and must be served in bigger and bigger quantities. We live in this vicious consumer cycle that constantly demands MORE. So companies forgo our health to provide us with more cheaply, so it can be mass produced and we can buy it at a lower cost, and we can buy more of it. We think we need more of it.

-Europe has banned GMOs. There must be a reason for that.

-We were never really made aware of GMO’s and no true studies on health have been conducted

-When it comes down to it: just why? Why do we need to do this to our environment? Why do we need to poison cows so we can have more? Why would we even want to eat bruised and beaten meat, whether or not you care about an ill-fated animal’s life?

We really are what we eat these days, and right now we are basically filler, chemicals and crap. Live within your means, but buy local and true organic whenever you can. And grow whatever you can. Sell whatever you can to your friends. Start to make a difference.


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