Sites that outline why and how to detox

I have spent the better part of today researching so I can begin my detox asap.

First, here are some tips for how to prepare for your detox:

1) Get your body on the right path by introducing supplements to promote healing. You want your liver to be functioning properly and your body to be able to handle a dramatic change in diet. I think to start you should decide what supplements you want to add into your diet, taking into consideration your personal concerns. I think that spirulina, royal jelly, fish oil, flax, hemp and green tea are all things you should learn more about. I also think that essential oils would help with wellness and keeping your spirit balanced while detoxing. I like to make toners from them, add them to baths and I am largely into aromatherapy.

2) Figure out a base meal plan that you want to stick to so buying foods will not be a big stressor. If you are not used to working with alternative protein it might be good to try it out for a bit, so it becomes more natural.Pick a routine for supplements, relaxing and eating so you can easily incorporate it into your schedule and will not forget to do everything, every day.

3) Remember that if you are committing to healing your body, your mind is a part of that. If you need counselling, I think it’s time to seek it. If you need perspective, start reading self help books. Find one that speaks to you and read it while you are on your detox. Refresh your mind and body together. (Some books that I have been looking at are: The Seat of the Soul, The Power of NOW, poetry, inspirational literature, Undercurrents, and information about spirituality. Even if you are not religious; I think that yoga, wicca, buddhism, meditation and any other spiritual and nature-based religions/ideas are helpful. They give you more perspective and teach you how to live less selfishly.) We have to unlearn our conceptions of enlightenment and power and start to look within for our power more often. Our minds and bodies can be capable of extraordinary magic if we open ourselves up to it.

4) Naturalize your environment. Start to organize, clean and live less wastefully. Start thinking less about consuming. Get rid of clutter and things you don’t need. Donate, reuse and recycle. Your mind will feel better instantly.

5) Remember to use any support you have. Try to find a detox buddy, or at least let your loved ones know you are starting a detox so they will not lead you to temptation, and will help support you.

6) Remember to pick a way to detox that suits you. I kinda think that a combination of a couple detox’s could be a way to go. For example, I don’t think fasting is good but maybe a day or two of juices and smoothies could do good.

So, here are all the good guides I have found today.,16373

^These are all similar but like I said, I think a combo of all the tips are helpful. I plan to take a little bit from here and there to create my detox program.

I also found a whole outline from thee Doctor Oz show. I can’t imagine it is all correct, but I think there are a lot of good tips and the meal plans outlined help to give an idea of meals you could make.


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