Hi all! I wanted to talk about Spirulina again. It has been a nightmare trying to find good brands. There is so little information for Canadians I am starting to pull my hair out. But I really want to purchase some because every single comment says that health benefits are noticeable immediately and that it boosts your energy. I’d love to feel less lethargic and gain some more zest for my life.

So, I thought I’d start posting what I find along the way, because it has taken me hours to even get where I am now. Unfortunately, it’s looking like Spirulina involves some trial and error. And constant checking and rechecking of sources.

Here are some really good guides I found:


So far, there aren’t many confirmed GOOD sources. What I have noticed is, stay away from NOW’s new formula. It is sourced from a contaminated environment now, when it originally came from Hawaii. Be careful with China, they have poor water quality and bad regulations. Then again, some people say that the best kinds come from there. Also remember with this stuff, don’t cheap out. You will pay for it. It should have a dark, leafy and healthy colour. It should not taste highly disgusting, just “swampy”. It should be tolerable or else it’s not right. Apparently it should be organic certified and have proper documentation. Good ones usually state that they are GMO free, and all that junk. Fair trade certified helps too. Hawaiian sourced is always a good bet. The less info there is, the more they might be hiding.

Some trusted sources: Healthforce Naturals, Longevity Power, Nutrex, Hawaiian Pacifica. None of these are easy to find in Canada, though.

Two brands I like the look of are Organic Traditions (Healthy Planet Canada has free shipping after 50 bucks which isn’t horrible when I’m buying a bunch of supplements anyways) and Rainforest Foods. The latter provides a lot of info and seems to be quite thorough, I am a little wary of the fact that it is from China though. You can get it on Amazon in a 200g bag, which appeals to me because the price is right and I can’t afford a big bucket when I don’t even know how it works just yet. Nu-Greens also looks fairly decent but as it is Canadian it is SO hard to find proper info about it. It comes from Hawaii though so that is a good sign. Another I keep seeing is Earthrise.

I think I might try to budget in two different kinds so I can compare quality. I personally recommend the powder, first off you can smell and taste it so you know what’s good. Secondly, there is debate if you get the same benefit from capsules. Thirdly, I think mixing it into food or drink would just be a nice change from all the supplements I take. 😡

I have also seen chlorella being mentioned alongside spirulina. If you can afford both, I say go for it! If you can afford one, I think spirulina looks best as per absorption and mix of nutrients.

Anyone with more information please post a comment or let me know!


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