Treat yoself! Detox yoself!

My sister and I have been chatting a lot about getting our energy levels up and aiding our depression/anxiety. It looks like more and more to me that a lot of this stuff is created by what we eat. I hardly know anyone who doesn’t struggle with some type of depression these days. Yet, so many people refuse to take a look at how they are living their life and what society pushes on us. Life is stressful and we are taught to GO GO GO. Our bodies can’t handle it without proper nutrition. Even if you eat right, it’s impossible to avoid GMO’s, pesticides, chemicals and hormones. They are everywhere. None of it is healthy. A lot of our food isn’t even recognized by our systems. Our bodies are trying to tell us “WTF don’t you realize I’m suffering??” but no one seems to be listening.

It is making me really frustrated and sad how bad society’s habits are. It’s uncool or weird to not eat meat and limit your diet. It can be hard to live naturally, especially when social conventions are all about unhealthy activities these days. And it is hard to switch your body over when it’s been used to being pumped full of chemicals, it will protest even though it was suffering.

I want to smash the conception that a detox has to be disgusting, or painful, or unfulfilling. Detoxing is actually a lot simpler than corporations make it out to be. Health has become a fad, and it is NOT helping things because companies latch onto that and tell people the weirder it is, the healthier it is. Sure, sometimes, yeah; but for the most part that’s just not true.

The point of deetoxing is to get your body back to where it needs to be and make sure your organs can function properly. You don’t even have to dramatically detox if you aren’t ready, if you start taking supplements for your digetion, liver and immune function you’ve taken a step already! It’s just about jump starting yourself into a more natural life and giving your body a break.

I am still researching and I will post my favourite links when I am done. My plan is to take 1-2 weeks off from toxins: coffee, alcohol, dairy, wheat, and sugar (as much as possible. I think I would have a hard time not having chocolate from time to time). On this two week detox I want to have a smoothie every day and find as much meat replacements and whole foods as possible! I am thinking about going raw for this time as well. Trust me, I am daunted by this task too. But, I am at the point where my body is NOT putting up with this shit anymore. I am struggling with lethargy, depression, anxiety, anger, bowel issues, stomach issues. I feel like crap. And, I am having a hard time sticking to healthy foods and finding a way to crave fruits and veggies. I love eating well, but I have become really lazy and unwilling to put in the effort. I believe once I start the detox and start to feel better, it will be easy to continue eating well and more enjoyable. I think I need this jump start to get me on the right path.

Many articles recommend that we detox once a year. I think this is a good rule. It is a sad truth, but our food is not very good. Humans have developed some awful socially acceptable habits, and no one really thinks about it. I am finding it highly frustrating. A year ago, I would have scoffed at the idea of a detox, but I am tired of being tired. It’s not normal and it’s not just depression. The coffee doesn’t even do it anymore. (And it’s so bad!) There are foods and drinks that I have grown to love dearly, that I may have to part with, at least distance myself from. I am a little scared too, to go against the grain. I am worried it’s going to be hard and ostracize myself a little. I am worried it is going to push me and my boyfriend apart. But I think it’s necessary.

I love you all and that is why I rant on about this stuff, I want people to realize how much we are lied to. I want to believe the positive side of the age old debate of whether or not humans are inherently good, but I am having a hard time believing that. I am starting to think humans are rather malleable and that the problem is just people not thinking for themselves. And I’m starting to think that all this propaganda is about some deeper control. I really can’t understand how we got this way. We need to learn more compassion: and for ourselves too! You may only live once, so you should totally live your life. What people don’t realize though, is that being healthy is very important to production and mind. You may feel bliss while you are mowing down your 7th cheeseburger of the week, but admit it, you don’t feel so hot after do you?

I also know that many people will feel like we are human and cannot subsist of veggies and grains, but if you do it right you WILL feel fuller. I am not suggesting you cut out all meat and dairy, etc. I am just suggesting you learn how to eat less and supplement better foods into your diet. Then, afterwards I think you will enjoy eating “rabbit food” more often. I’d like to get to a point where I have a couple main meals in smaller portions and snack on fulfilling nuts and muffins and such the rest of the day.

This is another thing that I think is important to learn for a detox: how to start being more self sufficient. I think everyone should know how to cook and bake. Buying baked goods is SO EXPENSIVE compared to making them yourself. If you make muffins at home it will cost half the price or less, AND you can make them healthy. If you put things like quinoa and hemp you will have protein and all you need and you won’t even be able to taste it, but your body will thank you.

I truly believe that we do not need to be extreme vegans to live well, and treating yourself to a cheeseburger is fine! But if your balance is 1/4 healthy 3/4 junk you will not be well. If you start to use sweets and fast food as treats instead of normal meals, it will be easier to cut back and you will look forward to treating yourself!


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