Attention small businesses, new bloggers, experienced bloggers and natural product companies!

I thought I’d write an official post about my need for samples and connections! If there is anyone out there who wants to collaborate, help me out and get both of us more recognition, I want to work with you!!

I want my blog to be as well rounded and as HONEST as possible. I want to be able to provide people with useful, smart and correct information. I have tried many products but I don’t have the means to do a lot of comparing and sampling, I usually just research for hours and find a highly recommended product. So I’d love to connect with as many people as possible and I don’t mind people telling me I am wrong! I am still learning too. 🙂

Goals for my blog:

  • Top ten lists of everything
  • Comparison of top natural brands
  • Supplement reviews
  • Infection, acne and skin advice (I have struggled with acne and now a bad infection for quite some time. I found it really hard to get myself at all better, and I want to share my journey as well as I can!)
  • Clay comparisons (especially bentonite clay brands)
  • Healthy recipes
  • Provide as much healthy info as possible for those who want to learn!
  • Provide as many costly alternatives as possible, I am struggling with money so I know all too well how expensive going against the grain is.

Remember yall, sharing is caring!!


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