The Health “Fad” side of the Argument

Fads and marketing are a lot of what is making becoming pure and natural a headache for me. I am having a hard time figuring out what is true and what is just the “next big thing”. Now that people are starting to realize what proper health is and want to be fit/healthy and not just thin/beautiful, the companies are latching onto that and using it as a marketing strategy. That makes me sick. There’s so much hype out there, I find it hard to decipher what I should believe beyond things that are clearly just sensical. While researching smoothies I found a site advocating them and I got to a line that stated something along the lines of “and for heaven’s sake, don’t make fruit smoothies”.


A post advocating for purely fruit-less smoothies? I’m completely flabbergasted.

Am I wrong to think this is complete bull?

Here is a whole post discussing the issue: I had to see what the reasoning was. A lot of it looked like something made up to me. How could that even be true? And wouldn’t making thicker, more plentiful smoothies solve this supposed problem of fibre break down and the want to drink more (which, by the way, couldn’t you just not?).

I’m a little bit confused. I love fruit and I thought anything natural and grown was good for you in normal quantities? I love smoothies and that was going to be a big part of my detox plan. Not just fruit, but whole fruit&veggie smoothie meals.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

In my humble opinion, saying fruit or even fruit smoothies aren’t good for you seems to be someone from the “fad” side of the “health” industry. I sometimes forget that the fad part of the industry also exists. It makes all of this so much harder, which is why we need to stick together and try to figure out all the facts together!


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