Green tea and it’s…varieties???

Now I'm hungry

Now I’m hungry

While researching for detoxing I have learned more about green tea and tea in general. I actually did not realize how complicated the art of tea can be! It’s not as simple as dropping a tea bag in scalding water, though for some teas, or just taste; that’s just fine. But if you want the full benefit of any tea you are drinking it’s probably best to do a little google search first. We possess the power of the internet, and it’s important to use it properly!

So onwards: green tea is much more beneficial if you understand the art of green tea. I have learned that bagged green tea rarely works as well as loose leaf tea and there are actually MANY types of green tea. You are not supposed to brew green tea with boiling water. The general instructions for brewing are to boil water and wait til it cools down to a warm to hot temperature and then add the tea leaves, but it can get much more complicated than that. I have yerba mate and see here:, the traditional method of preparing yerba mate.

I discovered all of this purely by accident. I used to be rather closed minded about everything and it took me a while to appreciate green tea. I was a strictly coffee and orange pekoe or early grey kinda girl. My sister started getting into loose leaf tea and I thought it was rather gregarious, but she convinced me to get into it. I haven’t looked back. It’s cheaper, more satisfying, healthier, more varied and makes each cup feel like a ritual. I think tea is deserving of a ritual considering all the healing benefits we can get from it.

I now have a tea for everything. I started ordering tea from as they have pretty killer prices and a decent selection that I imagine will be growing. I found yerba mate and the description made it sound pretty awesome so I bought a bag. Later on, I researched it and realized it was green tea. I’ll admit, for a while my research stopped there. I didn’t realize that humans lazy-ify everything! I was having bagged green at work one day and I was thinking “if it’s green tea, why does it turn a brownish colour?”. I headed to Google to investigate. I realized I had been preparing it wrong this entire time, and possibly other teas as well! Your green tea should in fact be a healthy green colour. If you brew your tea in boiling hot water you will lose some of the health benefits of green tea, and why would you want to do that?! I think you can tell the difference too. I still feel a healthy caffeine boost from bagged teas that always seem to turn brown, but I do notice with my properly brewed tea I feel even…muchier. (Note: I am quoting The Mad Hatter, not practicing bad grammar. *wink*)  I don’t think I’ll ever kick the coffee completely, but I have been noticing the energy I get from it isn’t as nice as the energy I get from green tea. I will probably start off with a needed quick burst of coffee in the morning but drink a cup of green tea later.

It was actually only today that I took to Google to find out if there are other types of green tea beyond yerba mate (which I am enjoying as I write this). And, while researching I realized that my yerba mate looked different from the common pictures. I panicked briefly but realized it’s actually because my tea is of high quality! Lower quality yerba has stems in it (the long flat pieces) and mine just has the herbs. So that’s pretty cool. I would definitely recommend looking on amazon for The Special Tea Company. While researching I decided to look up green tea vs. yearba mate I found this link: which describes yerba mate as a superfood seemingly, however fails to point out the other types of green tea which leads me to believe it isn’t fully reasearched. It does make sense, though. Yerba mate brings about a spiritual kind of energy boost for me so that would make sense.

Perhaps it would look nicer if I typed out the list myself but if you link here: you can view a list with pictures, which is helpful in our world of mislabelling. The most common types seems to be Sencha so that would be what most people are used to drinking. At work we have some of this “Gunpowder Green” tea. I thought it was just a clever name. Alas! That website has proven me wrong again. These are times I really don’t mind being wrong.

So, keep enjoying tea, and learn to enjoy it properly and your body will thank you even more!

Hope you are all having a blessed day. =)


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