Spirulina review

I found this stuff on Amazon at an alright price and their website really impressed me. There was a lot of information and the product looked good from pictures. I have never ever tasted Spirulina and I was so excited at how fast it came in I quickly ripped it open and took a hasty sniff. I was not delighted when I found green stuff in my nose later (haha) but I was excited to note their was very little smell and it was a deep green, nearly black. I decided to put it in with my yogurt, oats, flax and hemp. I thought it was fine like that! It is a weird taste, but it isn’t bad. I’m quite stoked because I have seen reviews of bad Spirulina and it is not something I want to taste. I honestly found it was like hemp flakes but a bit more naturey tasting and less vanilla (for some reason hemp has a vanilla undertone to me kinda like vanilla soy). I think it takes getting used to because I found the yogurt too filling to finish and I didn’t even put a teaspoon in. It’s almost 5 and I have only had a cup of coffee and I’m wondering if it’s the Spirulina. I usually feel like crap by now if I’ve been up all day but I feel alright. I may be excited and j will discuss more when I review the other brand I have coming in. I’ve gotta say though, I have high hopes for this stuff. I’d imagine anything really different being added to your diet would be beneficial because of the alternative nutrients. I also like that it’s GMO free and won’t have any chemicals which was the appeal of greens powder in the first place. I don’t have access to truly organic food so for now I think greens powder is a good way for me to get proper nutrients I may not be getting otherwise.


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