I’m getting excited for Christmas

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delays in posting… I haven’t been feeling up to snuff mentally, but I am finally ready to start posting again! Christmas is coming up and this year I had to choose between buying presents and buying products so I compromised. I decided to make a lot of my presents. I got laid off so I will have a lot of time to figure out good recipes and make a bunch of gifts. I always make cookies for everyone and I thought since I had to stock up on supplies, I could make people some product samples. Some ideas I had were: shampoo, cream, toothpaste, tinted lip balm, and toner. I might make some bath bombs too, but I’m super bummed my sister doesn’t have a bath because I know she’d love that. I am a big fan of coconut oil so this will be a base for all of my recipes.

Another idea I had was making some things for my boyfriend to try and get him into living pure with me. I am thinking about trying a homemade track cleaner, but the model rail community does not seem to be too into natural solutions haha. From my research, I am thinking that something with olive oil, a splash of iso, vinegar, lemon and water would work…does anyone  have any thoughts on cleaning plastic? Perhaps parents on here have a recipe for cleaning toy cars or something? Or maybe I can find someone who is into trains and living naturally?

Who else is making homemade gifts this year? Anybody have cool ideas for me? Let me know!


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