National Cupcake Day: A Vegan Round-Up

This is definitely a list I need to save.

The Friendly Fig

“My medium baggage is that I just bought 4 cupcakes and ate one in your bathroom.”

Anyone know where that quote is from? Oh, only one of my favorite lines ever from the HBO series, Girls. I’ll be the first to admit that I was obsessed with that show circa seasons 1 and 2. Hannah Horvath just GOT ME. And that line above, my friends, is my life.

Everyone loves cupcakes. Cupcakes are our friends when no one understands. Cupcakes are life. SOOOO naturally, we are celebrating National Cupcake Day!


That is correct. Got it? Okay, let’s get to this dangerously delicious round-up. 20+ vegan cupcakes, at your service!

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