My Favourite Christmas Music

Hey guys!


Usually, I will stay on topic but while searching for any Christmas music I missed I realized that many lists out there that don’t include many of the awesome new should-be classics I love and can’t wait for every year. I felt the need to share some songs with yall. So, in no particular order, here are my favourite Christmas songs.

  1. Pitter Patter on the Rooftop Surprise-Agent Sparks (A Santa Cause)
  2. The Christmas Song-The Raveonettes (my version is from the OC Christmas album)
  3. Hot Chocolate-The Polar Express
  4. Christmas with you is the Best-The Long Winters (OC)
  5. A Very She&Him Christmas (the whole album is awesome)
  6. Christmas Eve/Sarjevo-Trans Siberian Orchestra (Christmas Eve and Other Stories…Tales of Winter is also a good album) Also check out the video: . It’s so amazingly Christmas-ey and nostalgic!
  7. Santa Claus Lane-Hilary Duff (I know, but it’s so cute and original!)
  8. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town remix on the Merry Mixmas album (so cool)
  9. Baby, it’s Cold Outside remix- Christmas Remixed (again, check out the whole album)
  10. The Christmas Song- Owl City
  11. Christmas Time-The Smashing Pumpkins
  12. Christmas Song-Dave Matthews
  13. It’s Christmas in Heaven- Monty Python
  14. Snow for Johnny- Burl Ives (all his Christmas songs are great but I never hear this one mentioned and I think it’s adorable)
  15. The Baby- Family Force 5 (I think their Christmas album is really funky)
  16. Father Christmas- The Kinks
  17. I Believe in Father Christmas- Emerson, Lake and Palmer
  18. December is for Cynics- The Matches (sometimes you need an anti-Christmas song)
  19. Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime- Paul McCartney
  20. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer- Elmo and Patsy
  21. Parking Spaces- Bob Rivers (more Twisted Christmas…I like all the albums save for a few stupid songs. Some people find them offensive but I think they need to lighten up haha. Some of them are hilarious)
  22. Christmas in America- Pat Benetar

So there you have it. These are all the songs I think need more notice. Happy Holidays. :3


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