My Health Smoothie

I have tried a few different recipes for health smoothies and for bowel issues and I find the best way is to make it as well rounded as possible. My recipe for a daily health smoothie:

-1/2 cupish soy milk/coconutmilk/flax milk/almond milk

-As much water is needed to make it thin enough to drink (or more milk, I don’t find I need a super milky taste)

-1/4 cup or so of yogurt

-A scoop of a few berries, I find mangos sweeten mixtures the best and cover up weird tastes.

-One banana (I used an “organic” one, they’re bigger)

-1/2 tsp or more spirulina

-A few tablespoons of whatever fibre/protein powders you like. I used chia, flax, and hemp. I just kinda shake a bunch on top of the smoothie, I hardly ever measure things like this, baking and cooking are more about preference than exact measurements.

-prunes if you need that extra lax power

-a squirt of honey for taste

Blend it all up and bam! Super health smoothie. This makes two servings so you can save a glass for the next day. I find mixing spirulina in this much liquid you hardly taste it, but the mangos are what really masked the taste. When I tried it without the frozen mango it still tasted swampy.


Isn’t that a lurvely colour? I promise it taste better than it looks.


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