Holy Crap Cereal Review

When I was ordering a bunch of ingredients and supplies from Healthy Planet I decided to try one of the Holy Crap cereals because it was on sale. I don’t know if I am missing something but I don’t understand the hype. I tried the Skinny B variety.

Taste: Nothing too special. It is just chia seeds and hemp. I found that it wasn’t really a cereal and to make it more like cereal I added oats, more hemp and some chocolate chips so it was more palatable.

Cost: I think it costs WAY more than it should. It was smaller than I expected and has ten servings however they are 1-2 tbs servings. For $12 I was expecting something more and something more rounded.

Conclusion: It is a good thing to start your tummy up in the morning and it does help with bowel movements but I can get a larger pack of chia and hemp for about $20 which would be more cost effective with already expensive ingredients. It’s not really a full meal on its own. I was quite disappointed as it was apparently featured on Dragon’s Den and I expected it to resemble cereal a little bit more.


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