NEEM as birth control

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Why do I want to know more about Neem? It just seems to be one of those plants that is useful for a wide variety of purposes—gardening, pet care, personal care, health supplement, and yes, birth control for men and women!

The difficulty right now is finding enough information on it’s use as a birth control. There have been studies performed in India (where the Neem tree is native to) that suggested strongly it’s pregnancy prevention, particularly as a spermacide for women and as oral contraception for men. However, orally, it needs time to become fully effective, and the effects can be reversed by no longer taking it.

==Sister Zeus mentions in her Neem page that an oral dose would be 2 Neem leaf capsules 3 times daily before meals, allowing a month for full effectiveness.==

One frustration I’ve run into while trying to find Neem products available in the…

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