get flawless skin… naturally

While looking for some new products I found this and I like that a lot of the tips are products I already use all the time so I can start using them for this specific purpose. I also want to try neem and maybe apricot oil or safflower.

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naturally flawless skin

i’ve had acne. bad acne. i’ve had oily skin. i’ve had dry skin. i’ve had acne scars. i’ve tried so many different creams, pills, lotions & potions to give me flawless skin. and guess what? nothing worked as well as giving those chemicals the bird, saving my money, and investing in my skin’s natural health.

instead of constantly trying to “fix” my skin and getting in vicious cycles with it and different products, i dropped everything and restored my skin to its natural balance. it’s been a long time coming, but when you consider i got acne and overall bad skin in the 7th grade and didn’t kick it till college… well, taking a couple months for my skin to change wasn’t a big deal.

skin flaws are imbalances somewhere, with something, IN your body. slathering your skin with chemicals will superficially “fix” your skin, but it will not address…

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