A seemingly underground product: African Black Soap

I recently discovered this product when I purchased a Maiga product. I really loved it and it was relatively cheap but when I was making a big order from Saffire Blue I realized I could get it in bulk. It was crazy cheap at eight dollars for a big bag. I use it all the time and I imagine it will still last me for months. I have also recently come across soap nuts which seems to me like a comparable product. I have only used it for cleaning my body so far but I intend to add it to my natural recipes. I believe it will work really well with castille soap as the shea butter will help with moisturizing and softening. I plan to try it for laundry.

African black soap has been great for my skin and I love that it is potent, but not harsh; you can feel it cleaning your skin. I haven’t had a problem with using it on my severe acne rash, it might burn for a second but it’s a cleansing burn, unlike alcohol sting. However, I did find the maiga scrub could be harsh if I overdid that. I even like to add a few little chunks to my bath, it seems to help my skin when I do detox baths. I don’t feel as dry afterwards.

I haven’t gotten around to making many products with black soap yet, besides adding it to hand soap and dish soap. I plan to make soap bars and a facial scrub using ideas from this post: http://crafts.tutsplus.com/tutorials/quick-tip-how-to-add-essential-oils-to-african-black-soap–craft-11657

For the facial scrub I thought that adding coffee grinds and a face oil would work, when I get my next order in and make it I will post results.

I urge everyone to try this amazing product, I do love trying different kinds of bar soap but there’s really no need for me to use anything else especially for the price. I even use it on my scalp and I find it soothing when it seems dry. I have used it to wash my hair and you can tell but it doesn’t dry your hair out like something like Dove would.


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