My Softcup review

I am not sure if I am just special, but with these kind of products I never see the simplest question being answered: which way does it go in? My first day I had leaking until I figured out to flip the pouch the other way. Make sure the plastic is coming out the bottom, not coming from the top and inward.

Another good tip is to feel for your cervix. It feels like the end of Your nose. Anyone else feel like we missed so much in our sex ed classes? Anyways, if you don’t have it in the right place you will have issues (not painful ones like tampons though, mind!) so make sure you push it back as far as it will go.

It took me maybe two periods to get the hang of these and I really like them and will probably keep them around as backup and to try with sex. They are not perfect and I found for me, they would move around and eventually become slightly uncomfortable. Keep in mind though that I found tampons still about ten times more awful to deal with. I believe I have a small cervix so I am trying out menstrual cups hopefully for my next period and I can say I have never been this excited for my period.

The best thing about all these products is that your period doesn’t have to weigh you down and take a lot of planning. I also found my period was less intense and i have a sneaky feeling the chemicals cause you to bleed more…maybe actually bleed because both periods felt short and lighter. I also had no problem sleeping with it, in fact they are great for sleeping because they can’t move as much.

-cheaper (like I said, it seemed so light one box worked out fine per period and I used one for a whole day instead)
-much more comfortable (I could sometimes feel it possibly due to my cervix size but it never really hurt)
-you feel better and free
-Less leakage (once you get the knack)
-good bridge to reusable cups
-Little cramping

-still bad for the environment
-hard plastic ring
-it doesn’t seem to agree with everyone
-won’t be a perfect fit

All in all, I at first thought I’d never learn but by the end of my first period using them I was in love. It’s so nice to feel like I get that week back every month. I always hated tampons and they’ve been too painful lately so my periods have been a terror. I won’t be dreading it like I used to.


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