Flower Essences


I stumbled across these before I had even heard of Bach remedies, but if anything this may be something you are familiar with. Flower essences are kind of controversial on whether or not they are a real thing but personally I have had good experiences with them.

What exactly is flower essence? They are herbal infusions taken from the flowering part of a plant usually distilled with alcohol. This is my one problem with them, there are other ways to make them and the alcohol causes a burning sensation that isn’t necessary. The essences are said to contain the energy of the plant they are taken from.

Where did they come from? A man named Dr. Edward Bach was searching for new homeopathic remedies and at a time when he was feeling desperate, he was drawn to lick dew off of a flower like he did as a child. He realized upon doing so his troubles seemed to melt away replaced with an inner calm. (I found this info here: http://www.thedance.com/herbs/flwhat.htm so I’m not positive how correct it is.) He began to experiment with different blends and used his intuition and connection to nature to discern different feelings that different plants would elicit. He was so passionate about this that he treated patients for free and continued to research until his dying day. He was sick himself and found that the flowers made his journey a lot less painful and while it could not save him, he felt so strongly that his research would benefit others.

How do they work? You can take them in a variety of ways: topically, a few drops under the tongue (most effective) or 5 drops in water which is drunk over a period of time. There are many varities and every person will probably respond differently so you need to find which ones work for you.

My experience: I first tried Morning Glory which I found on Amazon I believe. I haven’t been able to locate it again, so I decided to try the Rescue drops from my local shop. Both of them seemed to work although Morning Glory really seemed to be good for me. I have also recently tried the Rescue Cream and I do like it. My severe acne rash causes me to have these tension headaches and when I apply the cream to a clean face it really does seem to soothe it and alleviate my headache. It is a thin cream and comes in a small bottle so it’s kind of expensive, I might try to make my own. The one problem is the use of alcohol so it stings a little bit so I usually put something else on top like emu oil or rosehip. Well, actually there are two problems. Bach created these before the use of unnatural preservities came under scrutiny so the ingredients aren’t perfect, which is why it would probably be better to find an essence or blend that works for you and make your own cream so the only irritant is the alcohol. When I had the morning glory I was taking it every day in the morning and it seemed to help my perspective. I also take them when I’ve had a fight with my boyfriend or I’m feeling depressed and it seems to uplift me. I think the key to using them is being open-minded and being in touch with your soul. I consider myself pretty spiritual and my connection to Wicca makes this sort of thing really appealing to me. Is it placebo? Maybe. But I feel like if Bach truly did spend his final days researching this there must be a reason he believed in it so much.

Bonus info: You can actually easily make your own flower essences, if you have access to the right plants. You put the petals into a bowl of water and allow it to solarize in the sun. There is a guide here: http://spirit-in-nature.com/learn-more/the-free-online-essential-flower-essence-handbook/chapter-30-making-flower-essences-taking-flower-essences. I would not suggest using flowers from a flower shop or anything, it would be best to take them from a garden where they have been cared for with love. It would be a good summer project if you wanted to plant something even in a pot inside your apartment in the spring. This way, you would be even more connected to the plant and probably have even more luck with the essence.


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