Where I buy my supplements and beauty products

  • It can be hard to wade through the internet and find viable options for natural products in Canada. Here are the sites that I have experience with and what I think about them.

Amazon: I usually check here first because you can’t beat free shipping. They aren’t always the best price for natural products but I get a lot of supplements from them. The nice thing about Amazon is that they bring in other sellers and sellers from America and you don’t have to worry about shipping over the border and whatnot. They usually have free shipping as well, or free shipping outside of Amazon or just low shipping. I have found Royal Jelly for the best price on Amazon.

Body Building: They don’t offer free shipping, but they have a LOT of different stuff, especially for workout aid. I ordered from them one time because they had energy bars on sale for insanely low. It shipped out quickly and I had no problems with customs charges. I did email them worried about customs and they did not get back to me, but it seems like their system is fairly flawless.

Well: I like the site and the fact that they have different deals all of the time, but it is definitely not my go-to site. They are as slow as Wal-Mart on processing. The customer service is great, though and again they have free shipping over $25.

Body Energy Club: This site doesn’t have a vast selection but it’s nice to have a free shipping no minimum option! The prices are fair and they carry a lot of supplements and “essentials”. They shipped my item out really quick and I got a tracking number.

Healthy Planet: I have only ordered from them once but it was a smooth transaction. You have to spend $50 for free shipping which isn’t terrible for natural food stores. They carry most types of natural foods and supplements you’d expect to see in any health store. Most of their prices are a bit lower than those types of stores and they often have sales. They are another site that doesn’t seem to keep inventory as a few of the things I ordered had to be refunded.

Vitashop: The prices on here are sometimes a bit lower and they have free shipping over $75. Before that the shipping is about $6 which is pretty good in Canada. When I ordered from them they had good prices for coconut oil and butter and had a salve on sale.

Saffire Blue: I have a love/hate relationship with this company. I love that their prices are amazing and that everything I have tried seems to be of high quality. I don’t like how slow it takes to process and the fact that once you make your order you have to stick with it, unless you want to pay. They don’t seem to always keep accurate stock, which screwed up my most recent order. The customer service is decent and the prices make it worth it, especially because you can choose any amount of the product you need. They carry pretty much everything for skin care needs. However I would not order from them unless you have a lot of time to wait. It has taken a week or more both times I ordered but once it ships out, it arrives fast. Another nice thing is that they have a clear list of links to all certifications of quality: http://www.saffireblue.ca/blog/msds-index/.

Shops I have experience with:

I have ordered from a couple shops on Etsy including;

  • BestNaturesCosmetic: The prices are fair, a bit cheaper for most things but the shipping evens it out. They carry a lot of things that can be hard to find in one place. I have not yet revieved my order but I am assured the items are of high, food quality.
  • SoapMakingSupplies4U: They carry a lot of cosmetic making supplies, they are like Saffire Blue on smaller scale. I got a bunch of ingredients for creams and was happy with everything. Everything was packaged as simply as possible so the shipping would be cheaper.

I have also ordered from LH Nutrition many times on Amazon and the prices are good. I have never had any problems.


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