Hi everyone! I am so so so stoked to talk about a new thing I’m trying out. I purchased some Neem oil from Etsy, and it is ALREADY healing my skin up. The past three nights I have been slathering on my homemade cream with neem, tamanu and vetiver essential oil mixed in. The scents actually blend really well together and cancel out the spicy smells of tamanu and neem, I’m going to add in patchouli as well next time. These oils together seem to be really helping my skin heal up and realize that the acne isn’t a part of my skin. All of them promote healing and soothe and the tamanu is especially to help scarring. I have heard good things so I’ll keep yall posted about whether or not Tamanu helps with scars.

I am so excited because I have everything else to help it along and this seems to be what my body needed to kick into action. I also have neem powder and I am going to see what I can do with it. I might make masks or take baths with it, but I also want to see if I’d be able to take it as a skin medication seeing as how well the oil is working.

The oil is made from fruits and seeds, usually the seeds. The powder is made from the leaves. Every part of this tree is beneficial and have similar benefits, though the seeds seem to be the best part. The oil not only does everything for sores you would want it to (eases pain, anti-inflammatory, kills bacteria) it can be used for more serious afflictions such as warts, eczema and fungus; even birth control.

The leaves can be used topically or internally (I can’t figure out if it is safe to take the oil) and are anti-bacterial making them have many benefits. It can help with all areas of the body such as liver problems, stomach problems or acne: which is why I came to neem. I am planning to take the powder as a tea if I can stand it, but it doesn’t smell so bad to me. I’m used to spirulina now. I wanted to link yall here because I thought this had a lot of unique info. I had a hard time finding much besides the same information over and over again but I gather I can do the same things recommended for neem leaf except it should be better as I am not taking the leaves out. I am especially interested in trying it as a toner, face mask and in my bath.

EDIT: I tried the tea for the first time today. First I tried to make a multi-purpose water for the bath and toner with 3 tsp to 4 cups of water but it was a muddy looking stew that I am not drinking haha. I am sure it will be fine diluted with rose water for toner and water in the bath though but nowhere else said to boil it like that so perhaps that was the wrong thing to do. My apartment smells kind of nasty now so I’m spraying my instant air sponge around (That stuff is magic!). Anyways, I decided to just add 1/4 tsp to my tea diffuser like another person suggested and added some ginger tea to it. The ginger helps kill the taste but made it harsher. So I added some almond milk and cane sugar. That helps, but it’s still decidedly nasty. I felt like if I drank it too fast I might puke. So I just plugged up my nose and got the rest down. To get the taste out of my mouth, I finished off my daily health smoothie which helped. I might be able to get used to it, but I’m thinking I may want to invest in some capsules instead. It’s supposed to be way better this way but I’m not sure if I can handle it, I’m going to try to suck it up and see if  I can make it any better tomorrow. I have read your taste buds and body adapt to it. The first week of spirulina was hard, too. Some sources said you can have it three times a day but there’s no way I’m doing that!


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