The Skinny on DIY Lotion Making: Body, Face & Hands

Here is a great guide to get started making lotions

The Bikini Gardener

I swear, I have the driest skin on the planet.  In my previous life, you know, the one where I bought skin care products off of store shelves, I would apply store bought lotions and creams that promised 24 hour moisture & protection but alas, they NEVER held up to their word.  My skin drinks in moisture and constantly begs for more…   Do you have really dry skin?  Or are you simply interested in learning to make your own face, hand &/or body lotions?  This article is for you.  I will tell you all that I know on the process, the basic formula and it’s many ways to adlib/get creative, and all of the differing carrier oils that you can use and why you may care to choose one over the other.

I drink tons of water/liquids, I really, really do, plus I take my Omega 3 Essential Fatty…

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