Why I don’t feel like DoTerra or Young Living are trustworthy companies

zen3Every time I am looking for ideas for essential oils for say anxiety, there is always several posts about Doterra oils and specific blends. I think these blends are cool, but it has really perplexed me that people seem to get brainwashed by these companies. I don’t say this to be rude, I really don’t. But no one seems to tote their favourite brand quite like advocates for these companies. For example, on one blog I saw the ridiculous claim that ONLY DoTerra essential oils are safe to ingest which makes very little sense to me. As far as I know, people have compared both these brands to other companies and they proved to be pre-diluted which isn’t good for many reasons (you don’t know how and you are paying for less oil). I plan to purchase some samples in the future to check, but it is quite easy to tell. First, you can compare the smells of a brand you trust to the brand in question. Second, place a drop on a tissue or your diffuser pad and if you can see it separate (a lighter ring will form) then it is not pure.

There are quite a few blogs and articles with ample research debunking the validity of both of these companies. A couple good ones talk about the possibility of adulterated oils and why young living is of higher quality. From my research, this seems like a possibility but they are both companies with similar goals and DoTerra was opened by a former Young Living representative. In my experience, any company that is far-reaching and pushy is NEVER a good company with the customer in mind. Look at NOW Foods. They are almost always a high-quality company that their customer can trust but they are never too pushy about it. This company does nothing to force itself on consumers, it allows the products to speak for themselves. While all of their blends aren’t perfect, it is ALWAYS stated if the product is not pure, so if you don’t read the label it is your fault for not informing yourself. There are a lot of things these big companies hide and exaggerate, There is a very informed post from a shop owner which discusses a lot of my concerns with these products. To me this all seems like obvious warning signs but the pitch is SO over zealous you kind of get sucked in. I almost believed the hype because they make the bounty of essential oils seem too good to be true, and they’re claims make them seem like a joke. Nothing can be THAT amazing. I think these companies are highly irresponsible making so many false claims to make their oils seem like the purest on the market. Essential oils are wonderful but like anything pure must be used with care and proper knowledge. Clearly these companies do not have that foremost in their minds, and I have read that the proof of this is in the first book published by Young Living showcasing how little Gary Young really knew when forming his company. Seems to me if their goal was customer satisfaction he would want to be informed as possible going in. I really don’t trust a company that draws people in by forcing them to become a member of their creepy family and putting false information in their heads that they must spread in order to be successful. In order for natural remedies to be successful people need ALL the correct information.

Furthermore, I find the whole concept of the MLM company “families” extremely eerie. I am not the only one out there who gets this sense. In fact, it feels nearly cult-like. Upon further research, there is a real reason I get this feeling. The companies are heavily rooted in Mormonism which apparently has a huge thing for essential oils to the point where they will reject traditional medicine and suffer through risky healing processes due to their devotion. In fact, this article discusses the problematic treatment the founder of DoTerra administers to his son with 3rd degree burns. I too believe essential oils do amazing things, but the account of what his son went through is truly horrifying and I can’t imagine believing in something so fully you allow your son to suffer that way. I am not saying that all mormons or religion are involved in cult behaviour but consider the definition of a cult: a situation in which people admire and care about something or someone very much or too much and a small religious group that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme or dangerous which is what happens when blind worship is taken way too far. Naturally the religious values for the oils would shine through the company and must have an effect due to the extreme amount of hype to make the oils and essential oils themselves seem so attractive. In my opinion, there is no one remedy that works for everything and the beauty of the age we live in is all the information and options we have. Certain remedies will work better for different ailments and even for different people with different chemistry. Personally, I don’t understand why people need the ONE BE ALL cure to trump all others when we have such a plethora of options available to us. In my humble opinion, it is the right balance and variety that makes the difference.

The following links are also helpful and contain much relevant information if you are interested in looking at some other links that helped me make up my mind.

Cult like warning signs in MLM companies

-Thread discussing mormons and essential oils

A smattering of research

Problematic information about Gary Young

In conclusion, I feel really strongly that anyone who truly wants to live naturally should always do their research and stay away from companies with shady practices which is why I took the time to write this post. I am not trying to bash these companies, but inform people that they are not the BE ALL of essential oils. In my opinion, they are expensive and there is inconclusive evidence of their purity. The company does not make me feel safe about their products and all of these reasons are enough for me to stay away. I’d much rather support small companies who give you all the information they know and want the consumer to have a pleasant experience. Always remember to question everything you read especially if it doesn’t feel right.Aromatherapy


5 thoughts on “Why I don’t feel like DoTerra or Young Living are trustworthy companies

  1. I read your blog because I hear a lot about essential oils, and the title of your blog caught my eye. I am a homeopath, practitioner of homeopathy. Essential oils is not homeopathy. I don’t know if you intended in your blog to say that essential oils was homeopathy. You kind of alluded to that, but that is not true. You do seem to be interested in different healing modalities, and want to know something about them. Always good to learn. I also have a blog on wordpress. homeopathytoheal.wordpress.com/ In addition to being a practitioner it is important to me to educate people about homeopathy. If I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to write me. Best wishes, Pam


    • This is a good catch, thank you! The word homeopathy seems to be confused often and upon looking it up I can see that a lot of times the definition is vague. I’m glad you cleared that up for me, thank you!


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