Some more substitution ideas

I often find myself trying to think of new ways to replace different ingredients, sometimes for health, curiosity or because I haven’t been to the store in ages! I often have at least enough ingredients in my cupboards to whip up something, sometimes I just have to be creative. In becoming increasingly health conscious and with my interest in vegan/raw eating I have completely rethought my notions of baking. Not only are measurements a suggestion, and something that starts to become second nature, ingredients are just a suggestion as well! Sometimes, you have a recipe you love, or you want to try, but some of the ingredients don’t please you. Never fear! This is what Google is for, my friends.

A lot of ingredients seem to be multi-purpose and easily swapped around to function as different parts of your baked good. Ehow breaks down the science of swapping peanut butter (or other spreads) for butter. Just take note of how much oil there seems to be in the product.

Another tricky ingredient is the banana. They can be added to all the normal ingredients or be used as a replacement for eggs OR butter. 1 mashed up banana would equal 1.2 cup of butter. This forum has lots of comments with different butter sub suggestions that could help in a pinch!

I still have yet to try avocado as a butter replacement, but I’m willing to bet it would be delicious. Foreign fruit has just gotten sooo expensive. I did make a healthy chocolate freezer cake from Oh She Glows! once (with avocados) and it was really good: and didn’t feel as heavy as rich desserts often are.


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