DIY Jewelry cleaner

I had thought about making my own jewelry cleaner for quite some time, but I continually put it off. If you are one who relies on store-bought jewelry cleaner it may come as surprise that you can effectively clean your jewelry with ingredients around your own home! I don’t know how I had gotten so brainwashed, but I previously held the belief that certain things NEEDED chemicals to work properly. But I also often thought that there must be something else I could use, if only for the fact that cheap jewelry would likely be eroded by chemicals.jewelry_cleaning

It’s actually super simple to clean your jewelry naturally. All you need is baking soda and vinegar to clean. The recipe I used also included tin foil, salt and essential oils. I didn’t even realize some of the stuff I cleaned was dirty!! Another cool thing to note is that you can use witch hazel in place of vinegar if you want a gentler clean, so I plan to use it for my cheaper jewelry that I have attachments to and would rather clean than chuck out. (I have this kitty charm bracelet my late mother gave me when I was young, and I never want to throw it away no matter how tarnished it gets!)

Here are the two recipes I looked at: and

I personally didn’t bother with adding dish detergent and it worked just fine. I thought it was cool that witch hazel can be used, I did not know it was acidic, though I could have guessed that now that I know. (I realized it feels similar to ACV on my face) I did not try the witch hazel yet, but with spring coming up I plan to do all these little things I have been putting off.


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