Get creative with green for St. Patty’s: Spirulina

I don’t mind the traditional green smoothie but lately I have been looking for some other ideas to get in my spirulina. While I do find spirulina gets tastier the longer you use it, sometimes an alternative to a smoothie is nice to have. I’d imagine baking or cooking it into recipes would make the taste subtle but still add some spirulina punch! There are actually many different recipes containing spirulina that I plan to check out!cupcakes spirulina

For breakfast you have many options from drinks to edibles. As an alternative to smoothies you can try out spirulina milk by making a green nut milk. If you love waffles like I do there are a couple recipes using spirulina and other healthy ingredients: Green dream waffles and Hearty whole grain waffles. Or you can try a simple raw muffin recipe with a spirulina frosting.

There are also plenty of dessert-type recipes using sprulina. These Superhero Spirulina cookies sound delicious and healthy. I also like the look of these green cutout cookies, I like finding different ways to add in poppy seeds as well! Spirulina energy globes are packed full of protein and would make a great granola bar replacement. Another recipe using nuts and cacao brings us a raw chocolate spirulina pie which could probably be enjoyed any time of the day! Spirulina works great as a cute food colouring as shown with these Lemon Cupcakes. For snacking spirulina would be great in granola bars such as these Energy bars.

Spirulina is great for smoothies and I’d imagine likewise for soup. A Veggie Smoothie from Wellness Mama would double for a cold soup. Other ideas for raw soup are a cleansing soup and a creamy broccoli soup. For a warm soup try this Greens Soup recipe. I also thought a spirulina falafel would be good and this is the best recipe I have come across (it isn’t English but scroll down for a blurb with the recipe in English).

I have not been the only person interested in exploring the uses of spirulina. Link to this blog post for a plethora of ideas using spirulina.


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