Green Waffles with Raw Ice Cream

Pamela Wasabi

Green Waffles00It’s time to get a waffle maker if you don’t have one yet. Give yourself a present. You are gonna please many tummies and hearts with it.
I made the other morning Green Waffles, powered with Spirulina and Kale. Spirulina is an algae and the highest source of plant protein. It delivers more protein than a steak. Assoon as you drink Spirulina it’sabsorbed directly into your blood.
This green spiral looking algae -hence its name, is usually added to smoothies for a boost of protein. It has a mild flavor and a strong dark green color.
Now that you know, let’s make Green Power Waffles.

I eat my green waffles with Raw Berry Medley Ice Cream.
I bet ya if Dr. Seuss sees my breakfast he will make a new book just for me 🙂

Green Waffles03Green Waffles02Green Waffles01

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