Be careful where you source information

The hardest part I have found about becoming healthier is trying to figure out what is hype, what is bull and what is truth. It’s confusing when you read one article that states one thing, and another says the exact opposite. Once you get to know your way around food, nutrition and propaganda you can start to feel out what seems correct and what is is a scare tactic. You would not even think so many organizations would be affected by propaganda but unhealthy food is a big industry, it’s probably a shockingly high percent of people who don’t eat healthy, even more who don’t even try or question anything told to them.

The best way I can come up with to feel out validity is just familiarization. If you are informed about the topic and you have looked over the website; you should be able to conclude on your own whether or not to trust the information. If nothing ever has proof, then it’s probably safe to say it isn’t a trusted source. Look into who the company/website is associated with, any endeavors they have achieved or for certifications relating to health. Always always do your research.

I bring this up because I came across this article from Women’s Health Magazine that describes an instance where a man swallowed whole chia seeds then chased with water. The title grabbed my attention but when I read it I realized how ridiculous it was, clearly someone has a vendetta against chia seeds. I have not heard of something so stupid in a long time. Even scarier, who would actually believe that? Someone must have. For your amusement, here is a link to the article:

So, just remember kids, don’t eat sticky or scratchy things like a moron, you might hurt yourself. Some people’s kids eh?


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