Healthy Energy Boost Drink

I wanted to get some exercise today but I am having a particularily drab day energy-wise so I knew I’d need a boost afterwards so I wouldn’t want to go straight to sleep. I was thinking some kind of green tea drink would help and I came across this recipe that suggested using chia, which makes it a great drink for in between meal cravings as well. It would also be good before a workout. The chia seeds make it similar to bubble tea.

I have quite the collection of teas due to befriending a couple of tea lovers and it’s great because I can make any blend I feel like. For this drink I used a mix of green tea, fruity rooibos and tummy tamer; which is a mix its own of mints and lemons. I get bored with *just* green tea so I add 1/4 tbsp or more of another kind of tea to 3/4 green tea. I also like rooibos chai with green tea. In my opinion the best bang for your buck would be yerba mate because in my research (link to one article here) it has been said that it has the most health benefits and personally I find it provides the most energy. (This could also be due to the fact that my yerba mate its my highest quality green tea) If you want full benefit, I would not bother with bagged tea. It is more likely to have contaminants and it is cheaper to buy looseSavedPicture-2015319125814.jpg leaf in organic than bags.

Energy Drink

2 cups green tea (or a mix of green/fruity teas)
1.5 tbs chia seeds (more or less due to preference)
3-4 tbs of orange juice (I have read in many places that vitamin C and citrus give green tea an added boost, up to 5x one article proclaims!)
1/4 tsp spirulina (you can leave this out but it’s a good way to get some greens in) [I find spirulina is hard to mix so start with less liquid to get it mixed up then add everything else. It clumps in orange juice so I mixed it into the hot tea.]

-Shake it all up and Refrigerate for at least one hour so the chia seeds expand. The chia seeds sink but if you give it another shake they will stay dispersed for you to drink it.

*If you like, a little added coconut milk to taste which also worked out well
*With spirulina especially I felt the need to add two packets of stevia (you can’t really taste the weird taste in this drink) but if you can hack it without sugar power to you!

How does this help?

Green tea has a variety of benefits that will help boost energy and rejuvinate you after exercise such as antioxidants, energy from caffeine/theobromine/theophylline, aids digestion and the vitamins and minerals you get from it.

Chia seeds contain protein, antioxidants, fibre, calcium, vitamins, omega-3s, they help with carb loading and the fibre/protein could help you lose weight.

Sprirulina has many health benefits including most of the same ones as chia as well as Chlorophyll which helps to remove toxins, iron, omegas, and many kinds of vitamins.

Orange juice can allegedly boost the benefits and power of green tea while also adding vitamin C and alkalizing (of minerals) effects.

All of these ingredients together bring mental clarity and a boost of energy that doesn’t feel as cheap as caffeine, which is necessary in some instances.


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