Aura Cacia

I love the way this product looks and they have a normal range of essential oils and vegetable oils. I have tried their Rosehip oil so far, and it seems very high quality. I like rosehip, it is nice for irritation and it feels like it tightens up my pores. It smells very fresh. The products are single source, which is something I have never even heard of. I am not sure if this is important, but it was worth mentioning in other places so it must be a good thing. Leave a comment if you can expand of this!

As for pricing, I have found it very scattered here in Canada. Perhaps it is because it is an American company? I find their products range from cheap to expensive and I can’t really figure out why that is. Some oils jump up in price like crazy and some are quite low. For example, their grapeseed is quite fair even on which usually has higher prices. But on Amazon it’s wholesale price which is really exciting! So check that out while it’s an add on item, One guess I do have is that it is because they claim to make their oils as pure as can be and source from many countries, I am assuming according to where you can get the BEST of the best. So maybe the further they had to travel the more exorbitant the price? On the company’s About page they state that their products are certified organic whenever possible, which is a little troubling for me. This is just because most natural companies are automatically organic so that’s a little weird. I guess because of possible pesticide use and what have you, it can be hard to control with plant based products.

This brand is not as widely available in Canada as other brands, but you can find it at most of the main health product sites. Oddly, has started an online cosmetic program and has started to carry a lot of obscure natural brands, however I haven’t seen any exceptional prices. Still, it’s good to have options that have low free shipping!

From what I can tell, this brand is very high quality and the company seems very knowledgeable and inviting. They have videos of sourcing oils on youtube and from what I can tell they give their consumers accurate information. Some people point out that they are notlabelled for internal use. This does not mean the oil cannot be used as intended. I have seen it before, but from searching I found a good description on “In the USA, essential oils can not be recommended for internal use unless they are produced, packaged and inspected by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) regulations. Essential oils that would be “okayed” by them would be of a food quality are not of the highest quality. Most essential oils are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the USDA.” So, there is your reason. Keep in mind, with all natural products you MUST do your research. The regulations are not the same because the government essentially views it as “hippy shit” which is ridiculous, herbs have thousands of years of proof of effectiveness wheras synthetic items are all fairly new. On the other hand, many people warn that essential oils are not safe for internal use. Personally, I can’t really understand why a plant oil couldn’t be used if it was highly diluted. I haven’t tested it but I have used peppermint in baking. The only problem was that it tasted like the oil got burnt or something, my boyfriend thought it was fine.

My conclusion: Aura Cacia seems like a company that cares and most people are very impressed with their customer service. This is important to me because this means they will give you accurate information and put the consumer first. I have never seen a bad review, though I have seen some that conclude they are more of a mediocre company. Another review I looked at had similar feelings as me, but also had minimal experience with the company. So, if you are strapped for cash I don’t think you need to spend extra on their oils and can opt for another brand. I think I will just buy from them when it’s convienient, but there is something I like about this company. Some people seem to think the oils are not as pure, but I can’t find all that much information about them.

To help you make decisions on any essential oil, I found a very involved series outlining one person’s experience with different companies. Whole New Mom tried to investigate as many oils as she could and relay her experiences. This is another site that has given me ill feelings from MLM companies because once people dig, the company is evasive and the sales representatives on the internet get nasty. I have had experience with this already, so I firmly will stay away.


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