Brown Rice Flour

Recently when I was at the bulk barn I noticed that brown rice flour was actually the same price as white flour, but exponentially better for you. It can be used in place of whole wheat flour. I  have used it in muffins and it turned out great. I did 75% rice 25% whole wheat.

Benefits to brown rice flour:

  • Cheap
  • High in fibre
  • Rich in magnesium which helps develop bones and cartilage properly and in turn helps the body absorb calcium
  • Also contains iron, vitamin B, phosphorus, copper
  • Can be used as a thickener in sauces and the like
  • Imparts a rich, nutty flavour which I personally love
  • The hull and bran in the mixture help digestion of the flour
  • Nearly gluten free (which also makes it easier to digest than white)
  • The slow-release of sugar causes it to also help with blood sugar levels making it great for people suffering from diabetes
  • Rich in anti-oxidants !


Bulk Barn Label


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