Snack attack: Peanut Butter smoothie and healthy thoughts

Hello friendly followers!

I have recently scored a gig at a local health food restaurant and I couldn’t be happier. This is the push I need to encourage me to start trying harder to be healthy again. So, for anyone who it doesn’t come easily to, I know the struggle. I have a hard time resisting the quick and easy lifestyle presented before us. I am notorious for waiting too long to eat and putting myself in a situation where I need food in my maw RIGHT MEOW. It’s harder still with my sensitive little tum: mornings can be hard. If I don’t get something in my belly my system doesn’t really wake up, but I usually feel too nauseous to eat more than half a banana. This is why I love smoothies and I like to make extra to make sure I get nutrients in the next day as well. I hope to get a new blender soon so I have a backup to ensure I have no excuses. I have a real reason to be a role model to society now! So, without further ado, here is the recipe I just cooked up: when I want a smoothie I usually start with what taste I am craving.

Rich peanut butter smoothiesmoothie pb

1-2 bananas (I used 1 and my half from this morning, heh.)
App. 6 frozen strawberries (or just ice if you prefer)
1/2 tsp spirulina (or just eyeball an amount that you don’t think will be too grody, like me)
2 tsp whole flax (or ground)
1 tsp hemp hearts (optional)
2 tbsp peanut butter (all I have is Kraft honey peanut butter but natural would actually be healthy when I get some)
1/4 cup-1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt (if you use plain, I’d add some more honey or perhaps vanilla extract)
2 tsp honey (I forgot this but if you have natural honey it adds sweetness and I am a big bee booster nowadays because it’s so good for you)
Tiny little ploop of banana extract (I find normal bananas don’t have that POP of flavour you want. There is a myth that it’s based off an extinct variety of banana and while this is not proven, I’d imagine it is at least based off of fresh from the forest bananas which is not the same as our regular Cavendish bananas)
Chosen liquid (I used prune juice but it probably interfered with the flavour a bit however I didn’t mind it. Coconut milk was what I was originally going to use but remember you will taste that as well.)

Variations: As with any recipe I like to remind yall that this isn’t the ONLY way to prepare the smoothie. This is just a guide and what worked for me. I always add some kind of fibre/omega. I don’t find that part makes a huge difference besides that you can see chia seeds a little. If there is a fruit that suits your tastes, or you’d rather use spinach, giver!

To me, the spirualina didn’t stand out too much. It had some weird taste but it actually could have been the prune juice. I also found that like a fine wine, it tasted better after exposed to the air for a couple minutes.

Have a happy nom!


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