Protein energy drink

I often like to start my day with some kind of blended drink. It is also useful days that I have put off eating and just feel nauseous because it wakes up my tummy with healthy and organic ingredients.

Today I did a quick blend with:

Half a banana
1/2 tsp spirulina
1/2-1 tbsp chia seeds
100 ml OJ
200 ml coconut milk (I just eyeballed it and thought too much oj would overpower)
I added small handful of frozen blueberries (maybe 10 or so)

This is a light drink that reminds me of the sensation of diffusing orange oil and peppermint. It gives my stomach the same kind of “wake up” sensation those scents give my nose, if that makes any sense. Orange juice and green tea would probably also be awesome, but I was feeling lazy. This is a nice twist on plain orange juice and spirulina which is how I usually take spirulina.


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