Comforting and healing orange soup

I got my wisdom teeth out Monday and ambitiously thought I’d make this soup Sunday night and it would help me the first couple days of recovery. That would have been ideal, but I didn’t get to it til today haha. Regardless, this should help boost my energy and immune system and also tame my upset tummy. The amount I used made a large pot of soup so if you want less you can half it, but I plan to freeze some!

Note: Turmeric is really good for you but also stained a lot of my tools! I imagine it will eventually come off just keep this in mind for things like blender tops, mine gets stained real easy.

2 pounds of carrots (6-7 carrots of moderate size)
1 yellow pepper (I was also going to use a red one but it was rotten on the inside!)
2 regular sized Yukon gold (yellow?) potatoes
1 large onion
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 tbsp to 2 fresh minced ginger (depending on how much ginger taste you can handle!)
2 cups of water
2 cups of chicken broth plus 1-2 cups more for blending and preference
1/2 tbsp to 1 tbsp hemp (or other) oil for onions and broth
3 large strips of orange zest
1/2 tsp-1 tsp each of chosen spices such as cayenne, paprika. I used pepper, some oregano, salt, chili, tabasco sauce, cumin, some oriander plus 1 tbsp or so of turmeric for healing.  
3/4 package of Kraft Cheddar spread (I added this because the spices are a bit intense for me, you can always omit this if you like)
2 tbsp cashew or desired milk

Slice up the veggies to a size your blender can handle and add them all but the onion and garlic to a large pot with all the spices. Simmer, covered for about 20 minutes (long enough so they are soft)

In a pan put the onion, garlic and oil plus some butter and sauté. Don’t let the onion get too brown or the garlic burn, stir frequently. Once done, add to large pot.

When all the veggies are done simmering start to blend the soup at small amounts (unless your blender can handle it). For my blender about 1/3 or so full with veggies completely immersed in liquid. Once at the bottom of the pot add chicken broth to the blender as needed.

Once everything is blended up into a smooth mixture put it back into the pot and add the cheddar and milk and any spices that may be missing for taste. Sour cream would also make a nice creamy soup.

Because of the nature of this soup I’d consume it cold or hot depending on preference! If on the first couple days of wisdom teeth removal cold would probably be best.

I got ideas from the following recipes:

Simple ginger carrot soup

Healing Soup with Chickpeas

Carrot and red pepper soup with sour cream


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