Let’s talk about honey and marketing

Today I saw this article and it just infuriated me. Companies spend money pointlessly trying to prove a point that they are actually not making. I don’t think many people actually believed it, but it made me want to revisit the reasons I got so into honey. There must be a reason those little bees spend their days harvesting the stuff!

While no sugar is good for you in large amounts, it is agreeable that most natural substances trump any man-made re-creation and that if you eat too much of ANYTHING your diet will surely suffer. My biggest problem with most popular and cheap foods is all the processing and chemicals you are also getting in the product. Refining takes away almost all the nutrients that were once there have been stripped out. Even corn syrup has a natural form. Sugars do have their place in nutrition and variation is key. Sugar scrubs for the body are divine! Something people must note is that there is not one product you can really constantly consume and not have adverse effects. Most foods do have a dark side.

The reason people like me love honey is that it is versatile and has several benefits besides just being a natural and tasty alternative to sugars. I use honey on my body and I believe that honey truly does have anti-inflammatory properties. This is a substance that has been used in medicine for a very long time and while medicine has indeed advanced, it has advanced away from many of the sources we can find right from the earth.

Honey has many proven medical benefits and the comments you will see on those articles are often people sharing their good experiences with honey. In this article the benefits are discussed in a list, but who doesn’t remember the simplest ailment honey is used for? I have seen and been told many times that honey and lemon is good for colds and sore throats.

Besides that, if you are trying to get healthier you are probably starting to understand the warning signs of unhealthy foods and I can often taste the difference in quality. High fructose corn syrup is obnoxiously sweet and you have that chemical tinge. I would never want to use it in any breakfast foods, it would make me sick. Honey, on the other hand, has a light and pleasant taste. It is more subtle, and I have seen sites proclaim it is sweeter and that it is less sweet than sugar. I think it’s just different. For me, if I can afford to I’d always choose honey for my baking. The benefits of royal jelly and pollen are undeniable in my opinion and it is clear that honey has many other nutrients most sugars don’t have (see here for charts).

If you do a google search there will be far more results toting the benefits of honey and the ones that are not, usually focus on one point and do not consider most of the reasons people do love honey. Keep in mind that bigger companies can usually benefit more from preaching for unhealthy and unnatural products and news forums are certainly not unbiased. From experience, I can say that honey is awesome and I don’t believe for a second any unnatural products are as good or better than the real deal.

Other interesting reading: http://authoritynutrition.com/is-honey-bad-for-you-or-good/



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