DIY hair

Often being low on funds I end up doing my hair at home, be it fancy styles, dye or sometimes cutting my hair. Sometimes I can use a half box of dye to touch up my hair, so it’s kind of a no brainer! Doing your full head by yourself is pretty easy, and you can get premium salon dye for amazing prices on eBay.

One thing I often do is bleach my hair at home using peroxide and baking soda. It’s a little messy but the savings are insane! Besides that, I’ve used bleach packets and this process seems less harsh and works out the same. I will base it with blonde dye that you can usually pick up for $3 at Dollerama, they often have L’Oreal or something like that these days.

Eventually, I’d like to start using safer hair dyes like henna or Herbatint. I have heard good and bad about both, but I will trial eventually and let you all know! I have read that Herbatint does not cause itchy scalp like commercial hair dyes. On the plus side, neither does this recipe!

I have also seen many other kinds of DIY natural dyes such as these recipes from Wellness Mama and some other more er, questionable ideas such as period blood LOL! Here are a couple other useful links to check out

Optional pre-treatment: Use something like coconut oil all over hair to protect it from dying out as bleaching can be very damaging to your hair. Most people recommend letting it sit overnight, but I mixed my bleach before I thought to do that so I just slathered it in my hair and let it sit for 20 minutes, I am sure it will still be great!

DIY Bleach

1 small bowl

Mixing tool


Baking Soda



Optional: Conditioner and Blonde Shampoo (You can get a large bottle at Walmart for about $8 and it has lasted me quite some time, I use whenever I need to even out my hair for dying it)

-Pour about 5 tbsp of baking soda into the bowl, or more for longer hair (my hair is quite short)

-Cover the baking soda with peroxide and stir up very well

-Add shampoo and conditioner and stir again

-Carefully slather over hair and allow to set for 1-2 hours, or let it dry

-Using heat can also help the process, some guides say to blow dry a couple times, I just did it before I got into the shower

*Mixture will be gloopy and runny (if anyone has tips to thicken it up let me know in the comments!)

This does work quite well and you can see results after 5 minutes. The nice thing about this is a lot of people have these ingredients on hand so you can bleach your hair whenever the feeling strikes! Just pin it up and go do some dishes, read a book and then go have a shower!  (:


So I was able to go from dirty blondish hair to what is pictured here, success!

WP_20160224_002 (1).jpgWP_20160224_004.jpg


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