Hello and welcome to my wellness blog! My mission here is to provide as accurate information as I can find for anyone wanting to embark on the path of personal welfare. Becoming what I think of as a naturalist takes a lot of work, and a lot of time. The closer you get to it though, the better you feel. I think of myself as Pro-information. I think that people often do not realize how much information is being omitted, and I don’t think people can make proper choices without the information they need. I want to give it to you.

I think being a naturalist means always trying to improve and be better to your body. You must be aware of what you put in, on, out or otherwise of your body. It also means to me, being aware and compassionate. Becoming the best you can be. The better you treat your body and others, the more natural you feel. So I want to help people wade through all the bullshit, excuse my French. Any information I feel important, I will share here. Anybody with questions is welcome. Negativity is not.

So, in this about section I thought perhaps it could be helpful to share my journey. How and why I got to the place that I felt it important to crusade for good health. I have been struggling with depression, anxiety and mild to somewhat severe acne for years. Over the past two years all these problems came to a head and the so-called professionals weren’t helping me. Naturalists were often giving me similar advice. I had to do hours of research to find products suited to my needs, and hours more to make sure these products weren’t lies.

I have visited many health blogs but I still don’t see many with the ultimate goal of TRUTH. Even my favourite blogs still spout misinformation. I decided it was time to share my research with people who actually want to learn, instead of just pushing it on people I care for (but it is because I care for them so that I push it!). I went from not even thinking about what ingredient lists meant (besides sometimes scanning the fat/calorie content and getting sucked into that “woman” way of thinking) to realizing I must read EVERYTHING before I buy it, if I want to be healthy and care for my body. It has become a passion of mine and I want to inform others about how many “white lies” we consume. I had to unlearn most of my health and beauty practices since I became an adult. I am hoping I can help some people transition smoother, and earlier, than I did. Especially being a woman I feel protective of all the young girls who are using horrible, horrible products and thinking that the side effects are normal and unavoidable. Nothing you put on or in your body should be hurting you, that’s lesson one.

So, that is the short story. The long one is a lot more involved, and is still developing. Any lovelies out there who want to take this path, I want you to know there is support and I am at least here now to offer my advice to anyone who wants it. I am always open to questions and information.

Thanks for stopping by!


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