My Favourite Products (available in stores)

Green Beaver: This was the first step I took into truly natural products. Green Beaver is great for people who want to dip their toes in, but don’t want to stray too far from traditional products just yet. Good news for us Canadians!

Bentonite Clay: I really feel strongly that EVERYONE should bring this amazing product into their lives. It can be a hard product to find proper information on. So far, what I can gather is that you DO NOT have to pay top dollar, and in fact the super expensive stuff I got to try from my local shop seemed lower quality than the bulk amount I got from Saffire Blue. (Highly reccommended for Canadians) It is a product that you must mix yourself, but it’s really not so difficult to make your own products! You can use it on your whole body as a mask, in the tub, on your teeth and so much more. Without this stuff my infection would still be running rampant.

Prid drawing salve: harder to find these days but it works wonders for bad skin problems. It has one bad preservative but sometimes it’s worth it.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Cream: it’s not perfect either but I like how it feels when my face feels swollen and the tea tree is great. The alcohol in it can be an irritant so I don’t use it all the time but it was a good placeholder when I was waiting for my face cream to come in the mail.

African Black Soap: I used to think black soap was charcoal soap but that is not the case. I am still wanting to try charcoal as it works so well in deodorant, but it is really hard to find here. Black soap is the most cleansing soap I have ever used. It cleanses without irritating and a little goes a REALLY long way. You can melt it down and make a soap mixture or just use it as it comes. Maiga also has a really good scrub that I came across and this is how I was introduced to black soap. It is sometimes a bit harsh but is really good when your face needs a scrub. I wouldn’t use it daily though as it is quite abrasive.

Pure Anada: This is the best natural makeup I have found and score, it’s Canadian! They are the closest I have found to natural makeup besides Etsy. And the products are WAY nicer than physicians formula. I have not found another makeup comparable, natural or unnatural. You don’t have to cake on the eyeshadow for it to be the colour it looks like, it goes on the right colour. The lipstick wasn’t as nice as other brands I’ve tried but it looks lovely. I love their blush and tinted moisturizer. Remember when all you could find was the gross orange stuff from Oxy (I think)? It is NOTHING like that crap. It actually blends in, has good coverage and doesn’t make my face feel gross like normal makeup. Highly recommend it, I just use that and maybe a little powder.


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